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Moscow city tour with excursion to St.Basil’s cathedral

St.Basil’s cathedral

During this tour you will get acquaintance with the city and it’ most attractive sights and have an inside excursion to the St.Basil’s cathedral.
This splendid cathedral has always captured our heart by its compelling architectural style. The main facade of the building can not be distinguished clearly as the cathedral was designed for an all-round viewing. A walk round the place will definitely get you stunned by the striking beauty of the cathedral, which represents a “fantastic town” and which was erected in the mid 16th century by the order of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the victory over Kazan.
Once the cathedral was finished the tsar ordered to blind the architects in order to prevent them from building a more beautiful masterpiece. Though the history of the city of that period can be characterized as turbulent, the cathedral was lucky enough to escape the demolition. With the establishment of the Soviet regime Saint Basil’s Cathedral was closed and later turned into a museum.
Duration is 4 hours

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