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Special Excursions

Zvezdnyi Gorodok


We are very glad to introduce our new program including visit to the Center of Astronauts training in Zvezdnyi Gorodok.

Full day excursion includes visit to full size orbital station MIR, transportation craft SOYUZ-TM, visiting hydro laboratory there the astronauts are training to work out of station in the open space, visiting centrifuge BC-18 (18 m long, the biggest in the world), navigation training complex.
We are able to add this excursion to any basic program presented at our catalogue.
The cost of this excursion is:
396 € p.p. for group of 2 pax. 288 € p.p. for groups 3 - 7 pax. 114 € p.p. for groups 8 - 15 pax. 72 € p.p. for groups 16-25 pax

Including transportation and guide services.

Also available:
Training program from 2 days to full preparation to space flight visiting «Baykonur» and «Plesetsk» to see the start of the space craft.

MIG Fighter Flights

We are proud to represent the unique product — trial flights by Russian MIG and SU jet fighters.
The rates are as follows:
L-39 - 3060 €
MIG-29 - on request, SU-27 - on request

The price includes admission documents preparation, transfer to the military base, pre-flight instruction, medical checking, 30 min. flight as the second pilot, photo and video making permission, flying certificate.
The booking should be made 10 days prior arrival.