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The State Tretiakov Gallery

The State Tretiakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery is the national treasury of Russian fine arts and one of the greatest museums in the world. It is located not far from the Kremlin in one of the oldest districts of Moscow. This Gallery was founded by well - known Moscow merchant Mr. Tretyakov. In 1892 Mr. Tretyakov donated his collection of canvases and other masterpieces to the city of Moscow and the Gallery was opened for the public.

Now the collection includes about 100.000 pieces and focuses mainly on the Russian art.
Main attractions:

Russian paintings of the 10th-20th centuries. Andrey Rublev, Feofan Grek, Brullov, Kiprensky, Repin, Verezhgin, Vasnetzov, Ivanov, Tropinin, Kramskoy, Savrasov, Kuindjy, Aivasovsky, Shishkin, Geh, Vrubel, Levitan, Korovin, Serov and others.
Duration is 4 hours

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