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Top Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg - Catherine's Palace
- Hermitage
- Peterhof
- St. Isaac Cathedral
- Peter and Paul Fortress
- Nevsky Prospect
- The Drawing Bridges
- Yusupov Palace
- Savior on Blood
Since Peter the Great moved the seat of his young empire from Moscow to the shores of the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg has been recognized internationally as a crown jewel of capitals. Its architects and planners drew from the majesty of Europe's most breathtaking sites, taking inspiration from the canals of Venice, the Palace of Versailles, the cathedrals of Rome, the streets of Amsterdam, and imbued it all with the aura of Vienna. These aspects have joined together to create a city of unspeakable perfection. However, abundance of historic sights is not the only thing that attracts thousands of visitors here. St. Petersburg tourism infrastructure also meets the highest world standards, and you will be able to choose not just good but 'one-of-a-kind' hotels, dine at fabulous restaurants, and see world-class theatre performances.