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One day Cruise to Valaam Island by hydrofoil

Valaam Island

Located in the center of the lake’s northern part is the archipelago consisting of fifty islands and named after the biggest, Valaam. Its rocky islands are covered with coniferous woods, picturesque grasslands and green meadows. It is the place where the God-created beauty of the islands and the man-made beauty of architecture and art blend harmoniously. The imposing blue cathedral domes of the monastery located in the southern part of the island near the Monastery Bay can be seen from almost any point. You’ll visit the Transfiguration Cathedral and St. Nicholas’ Church, have a lunch in the monastery dinning room (trapeznaya) and taste the traditional Russian dishes prepared by monks.
The way to Valaam from St. Petersburg by hydrofoil takes about 3 hours. You will leave St. Petersburg early in the morning and spend full day on the Island admiring it’s wonderful nature. At 6 p.m. you’ll board the hydrofoil and return to St. Petersburg at 10 p.m.

Duration / hours Coach Guide 10 pax 15 pax 20 pax 25 pax 30 pax
14 no Yes 185 177 173 170 165
14 + 2 way transfer Yes Yes 204 194 182 177 173