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Full day trip to Novgorod


The oldest city of Russia, medieval centre of trades and crafts. This is a place where you can see with your own eyes the ancient stone temples, a place where you can stand on the very place from which, according to the legends, a pagan god Perun was thrown into the Volkhov river; you can participate in the battles of contemporary warriors and read the famous birch-bark scrolls. Troops started for battles from these ancient Kremlin walls, legendary merchant and musician Sadko used to sing his enchanting songs while sitting on the bank of the Ilmen Lake, and the Volkhov river was busy with numerous ships following the trading route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" and laden with various goods from foreign parts.

Veliky Novgorod is situated on the North-West of Russia, 180 kilometres from St. Petersburg and 524 kilometres from Moscow.

Duration is 10 hours

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