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Folklore show in Nikolaevsky Palace “Feel yourself Russian”

Folklore show

Passing the entrance (beautifully renovated) to the Palace you will find yourself in the lobby - with its fabulous gala stairs leading to the Concert Hall and other beautifully renovated halls of the Palace. Courteous cavalier and elegant ladies in crinolines will greet you on the stairs showing you the way and making you forget the time. Beautiful melodies of the past performed by a professional musical quartet will give you impression that you are simply travelling through centuries: and this is just a beginning! Then in the cozy and nicely decorated Concert Hall of the Nikolaevsky Palace you will see unforgettable folk show performance "Feel Yourself Russian" During two hours of this dynamic colourful and pictureous show, you will hear tuneful folk songs - romantic, and full of life, watch sparkling dances of different provinces of Russia. The show consists of two parts with a break, during which the guests are offered some canapes with red caviar, cheese, ham, and also some fruit, champagne, red wine, vodka, juice and mineral water.
Return transfer and guide assistance are included.
Duration is 3 hours

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